Saturday, March 7, 2009

I gots class -OR- Pushin' the Jones'

I wouldn't call it a motto, a creed or a philosophy. Just an acceptance.
"I have class. It's LOW, but I have it."

I prefer that "lived in look". Shabby without the chic. Low maintenance.
I'd rather feel good than look good. This tends to put me at odds with the pecksniffs, movers and shakers of society. While I can scrub up, don a tux or business casual outfit and rub elbows with the gentry set, I find myself less and less willing to do so. When it's over I just feel so unclean.

Even with its built in cautions, there are elements of life over which I have lesser influence. Not everybody shares my disdain for the "finer things in life". That, in itself, isn't the problem. The problem comes from those who seek to elevate their own standard of living by sucking the lifeblood from mine.

On this point I am in complete agreement with the main plank conservative movement. Where we differ only slightly completely is who is benefiting from our current "revenue sharing" structure. This is no longer my father's Oldsmobile. Our current economic woes do not emanate from our huddled masses. The entitlements that have swamped our dinghy aren't going to the aged, infirm or downtrodden. We've largely and successfully "fixed" those costs.

If there are still any welfare queens driving Cadillac Fleetwoods, they are positively dwarfed by blowholes driving Escalades. Don't believe me on this?
Do your own informal research. You'll find out that we are clinically insane.

Our entitlements now are circulating above the water table. In a reservoir system designed and built by public funding to absolutely minimize the trickle allowed to reach anywhere close to the drought stricken targets of the funding. The levies of New Orleans failed, but those built well above them are nearly impervious. The pools of revenue which are funding lavishness for the upwardly mobile under the guise of the public good are doing just fine. Bust THAT dam and we just might find ways to stretch a TRILLION DOLLARS a long, lonnnnnnnnnng way.

But it's Saturday, so just enjoy...

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Bustednuckles said...

Yeah, I'm low maintenance too.
I could give a rats ass what most people think.
I work for a living and I wouldn't drive a new car if ya gave it to me.
I get greasy, dirty and smell like diesel.
Those high brow folks tend to get the fuck out of my way though, I like that just fine.