Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heinlein's Razor OR Dude, Where's MY Blog?

"You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity"
R.A.H 1941

In a phenomena I've witnessed in nearly every aspect of online existence, the blogosphere is experiencing an order of magnitude panic attack. When *some* Blogger-based denizens suddenly found themselves marked as Spammers and locked out of their sites, the rumbling began.
Blogger sucks! Evil, bad,bad,bad, I'm MOVING!!!

News of this newest wrinkle spread quickly along the connections of the web. Spidey senses were a-tingling madly. WIDOID RICSAS. Blame something. Blame everything.

But wait, it's not hitting any one flavor of blogger. Left, right, neutral and just plain lame blogs were being affected. As notes began being shared, nobody thought to look beyond Blogger.
The problem was obvious and those who immediately switched over to other providers solved their acute, immediate access problems, "proving" that this was a Blogger-based glitch.

Wait some more and something starts bubbling up from the open wound. A recurring value in the equation starts to take form. IE. IE. IE.


Users of one majorly buggy and constantly targeted software who ignored the disclaimers, pleadings of the credentialed propeller-hat sect and chronic, ugly, almost daily security breaches, that resulted in critical updates, patches and Plan Bs, didn't expect their default problem maker to be the source of this newest web-based glitch?

I started the clock and didn't have to wait long before the first SWAGgers' theories began surfacing. My favorite somewhat rational rationales so far is that this was a devious plot by Wordpress to slice off big chunks of Blogger blogs. Runner up: It's FireFox's latest ploy to destroy IE.

Aliens, bigfoot, terrorists and other fringe causes have gotten mention as well.

When the blogging web stops shaking, when the patch for IE is developed and deployed, when the particular coding that triggered the lock-down is located and dispatched. After this knee-jerking runs its course, guess what?

Stupidity will still hold sway.

Update: Google "Sitemeter Crashing" for the proximal cause. Then wean yourself off of IE.

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