Thursday, July 31, 2008

Neologisms for a post-Shrub world OR What did you do in the war, Daddy?

Anyone who appreciates words and language and usage should be just about through their grieving process by January. Com-fucking-pletely! That which hasn't been grossly butchered and left to bleach in the sun, has been ridden asunder by hacks or rendered meaningless by misuse, over-use or misappropriation. Splayed purposefully, with malice aforethought.

In a post-Shrub world, words like scathing, egregious, treason, diabolical, terrorism, good-faith, criminal, criminal syndicate, illegal, unlawful, unethical, opportunistic, unscrupulous, unprincipled, devious, betrayal, dishonest, disloyal, duplicity, mutiny, perfidy, sedition, treachery... having failed to adequately capture how fucking batshit crazy these blowholes really were, seriously lack the credibility to serve.

In fact, we sorely lack the vocabulary to sufficiently encompass the rat-fuckery that has been accomplished. Mere words fail without attaching modifiers to codify the extreme nature of the transgressions. Fuck-ups in the post-Shrub world will need an asterisk in order to provide context.

The bright side? Superlatives are plentiful; rested and ready. So is a weary world, longing to hear some for a change that do not require labyrithian mental contortions to process and digest. I'm, personally, sick to death of having to hurl words like grenades in trying to describe what has transpired. I waited impatiently, angrily mostly, for the tide to turn. Imagine my shock and, yes, awe, that even as the MAJORITY will of the people reached 70-80% Cap'n Peachfuzz stayed the course, oblivious.

There are no words for that. There's no syrup or condiment that will make it digestible. This is inept, incompetent firefighting at its summit. Not only is everything wet or broken, this Blowhole Bozo lost us a foundation and the fire STILL isn't struck.

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