Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
The symptoms of ODD may include:

[x] * Temper tantrums

[x] * Continuous arguing

[x] * Defiance of rules

[x] * Continual blaming of others

[x] * Angry and resentful affect

[x] * Spiteful and vindictive behavior

[x] * Frequent use of obscene language

Okay fine. The syndrome is identified.
I read the whole damn thing. What I didn't read is that it's the most contagious
thing out there.

No other explanation fits. This is an epidemic of epic proportions.

How else do seemingly rational, HIGHLY educated, semi-popular, politically and socially aware people transmogrify into what's parading as leadership these days?

Was it a human carrier? Was there a patient zero? Is there a bio-weapon that would manifest these symptoms and be contagious?

Holy epiphany Batman! It was the terrorists! Those dastardly evil-doers!

We have to quarantine Washington D.C. Isolate and confine anyone who has displayed the symptoms. Then we have to backtrack every contact and interaction.

I'd like Senators Dodd and Feingold and Reps Kucinich and Wexler to submit fluid samples. They show no signs of infection. Maybe their blood will provide an antidote.

It's vital that we contain this outbreak. It's already spread beyond the beltway to the media, lobbyists, and has traveled extensively. It has undoubtedly infected who knows how many of the folks back home. Look around your state, county, township, city, town, village... Any of your local leaders displaying symptoms?

Given the circles these potential carriers travel in, risk to ordinary citizens for contracting the disease seems minimal. But just to be safe, any civil servant above the level of crossing guard should be asked to stay in their homes until a test and antidote can be developed.

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Anonymous said...

Kinda like the AIDS Epidemic.

Randy Shilts wrote one hell of a book about it all, including government incompetence, intrusion, skullduggery, and NIH sub plots of doctors seeking glory and fame above their missions to serve the public.

Sadly, our present (and past) socio/politico epidemic is controlled by the 1% and the oligarchy. And we got not much left anymore, till it all crashes down.

And I think, it's gonna crash, hard, within a matter of years.

Prepare for the worst, enjoy what's left.