Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life's too short.

To deal with assholes.

Can this be our new mantra? PLEASE.
Cross stitch it on a pillow or sampler. Scroll it on your screensaver. Text it to your friends. Emblazon it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards, flash it across the ticker in Times Square. Let it go viral.

Until we accept this reality and begin rejecting asshole philosophy, policy, theocracy and the assholes who perpetuate assholiness, we'll be eating their shit. They'll keep re-writing our history, deflecting responsibility, stiffing, shifting and shafting the befuddled masses they've stupefied with their relentless stream of shit that they think passes for gold.

It's upside down and backasswards. 73% disapprove of the direction we're going. Congress passes another $162 BILLION to keep the distraction going. So they decided one of two things. A) They know better than anyone else. or B) Should they actually stop or slow down even momentarily, people will have a chance to think about this shit and get really, really angry and upset. They wouldn't like us if we were angry and upset. Especially if we got angry and upset about REAL stuff instead of the shit they hold up as targets for our anger.

Let's put distant assholes on hold. An asshole ceasefire that'll buy time while we deal with our homegrown ones. There's a better than average chance that the distant viewers will be so entertained by our new sport they will lose interest in us and start looking at their own asshole cliques.

We've had an inkling of a glimmer of a glimpse at the potential energies that could be brought to bear if allowed. We've also been given a pretty good idea of what lengths assholes will go to in order to maintain control.

What happens if we stop buying their shit? They'll just come up with more shit? Repackaged, reformulated, regurgitated, new and improved? Will we buy that?
Is there a non-asshole alternative? I have to believe there is. A relatively small number of assholes managed to take control and change almost everything. The proper non-asshole alternatives strategically integrated into the works has the potential to short-circuit the excrement extruder.

Okay, so I'm a dreamer? It lets me make it through another day. One asshole at a time. One Day at a time. Today would have been a good day to start the larger movement. Tomorrow works for me too. What's good for you?

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Anonymous said...

Fuck the fuckin assholes!

Oh, sorry, hoss.

Thought I was at Drifty's channelin Gilly.

My bad.

Grrr . . . . 'kin assholes . . .