Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stand by for an important...

Okay kids, getcher pencils and scorecards ready. For the next few months there's gonna be a lot of feces hitting the air mover.
There's an old adage to remember. What hits the fan will NOT be evenly distributed. On that you can depend!

24/7 since, fuck, since for-fucking-ever we've been assaulted, gang raped, belittled and maligned. And that was just foreplay?!?!?!?

Are these United States ready for a black man or a white woman to be President? Left with no other democratic option -by a circular firing squad of state parties jockeying to be relevant, a media convinced of their superior skills in deciding for us who was or wasn't viable, a bloated pundit class that s.w.a.g.s and bullshits its way to the front of the buffet line gainsaying anything just to get face time, the winnowing effect of the vetting process precluding exceptional citizens from even considering entering the realm of national politics and, admit it, the gross hypocrisy of an electorate who accepts any hint of mere human flaws from any of the above as instant disqualification - they better be.

So what now? Will all the promise of The Shrub's departure and a long overdue accounting of everything since 9/10/2001 evaporate into the thin air in Denver?
Not bloody likely. The cheers John Stewart gets for actually asking pertinent questions of impertinent guests hawking their latest delusions is a real, visceral heartfelt desire to disembowel something arrogant, smarmy and parasitic that's been gnawing at us for a long time. There is a deep and abiding anger simmering in this electorate.
The mouse circus may momentarily distract and delay, but it doesn't feed the NEED.

Worried about the media? They decide, they retort? I just don't see that preventing what by November is sure to be nothing short of Braveheart level desire for payback. I think the whole country's tired of this damn primary circus. Dems, on whole, don't much care if it's Hillary, Barrack or Tim Russert's not yet dead daddy. They want to vote. They're tired of eating shit. Tired of being told what they think. Tired of the media. Tired of candidates. Tired of he said/she said and the foolish pundit posturations of "Oh No He/She dindt just say that!".

Accept that a Democrat in the White House in 2008 has gone from a slam dunk to a quagmire? Again, not bloody likely. We may have short attention spans but we do remember, and will be reminded, 2000, 2004. The plurality of voters will respond in unison.

In this I believe.
But.... butt.... but... What if you're wrrrrrrrrrrrong?

Still who cares?

There are 35 Senate seats up for grabs. Only 12 are currently held by Dems. A net gain of 11 seats could change the landscape. Having 60 votes would eliminate the need for 60 votes to move legislation. Having 60 votes would simulate an actual spine, make standing up not only possible, but unavoidable.
There could be no more excuses NOT to exert their legislative oversight.

In a chess game, you can sacrifice the Queen and still win the game. We can HOPE that the American voter is ready to vote for the eventual nominee, but we shouldn't bet
the farm. If the electorate doesn't do the right thing -and at this point there is no precedent to trust that can't happen- then next four years will be decided by the counterbalancing a solid Dem majority in the senate would have.

This will be a major shift in thinking. A major shift in policy. When the game plays out, the anger will deliver. Then the real work can start.


Anonymous said...

"This will be a major shift in thinking. A major shift in policy."

WTF. Shift happens. *G*

Rehctaw said...

At our current course and velocity the shift will leave us severely out of phase.

Stock up on Drammamine.
Get and stay drunk.
Find a alternative perch to watch the
festivities. (See avatar)