Wednesday, May 14, 2008

West Whoville

I'm gonna take the high road and give the West By Godders a big benefit of the doubt.
"Bless her heart, she tain't got a prayer, but she deserved a big thank you for tryin'". That in true American fashion they were applauding the second place team in the only way they could.

Then again, there could be another message that's trying to leak out through the media drown-out. America isn't ready for a Black President anymore than it is ready for a Woman President.

If'n that be the case this here country road took us home to a place I don't want to go anymore. Been there, done that. Really puts a crimp in the whole UNITED thang.

But leave it to the Demoncrats to find a way to turn their own cakewalk into a quagmire.
About par for the course.

As for me...


Anonymous said...

WVA's vote was mostly the result of racist, misogynist and small minded ways to blame others for their misfortunes.

Those are Shilary's voters.

The nation will run MUCH more progressive on the whole, with Edwards aligned as VEEP with Obama.

Winds of change, smell them.

It's fresh.

Rehctaw said...

IOW, you're not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? Fair enough.

There are, however, some factors worth considering. WBGders were basically told that Obama's got it locked. They weren't relevant. Their vote didn't matter.
The Clone-tons hammered that theme. Send a message! Stand up and be counted!
Obama, knowing how to add, ceded WV as a pointless exercise. Adding fuel to the fire.

So what. She got a big win, a chance to smile and pose and show off another pantsuit. Big deal.

Changed nothing. I doubt the Repugnicants can go into WV on Hillary's coattails.

Obama, otoh, can engage the dems in WV AS the NOMINEE and win them over.

Anonymous said...


I like your new post.

It tells WHY this is gonna be a landslide.

Paybacks are a . . . well, you know. :D

And this payback is gonna spank, hurt, and draw blood on the buttocks of the lummox's who got us INTO this.

And it's gonna bloody their supporters, that 23% racist, misogynist and hateful bunch of ne'er do wells we don't need no mo.

Drive them all into the sea like the snakes of Ireland.

OR ship them to what, Southern Afghanistan?

Better yet, Somalia.

Yeah, I got that anger you speak of, above.