Friday, May 16, 2008

Premature twofer

Grumble, grumble... So I'm going through the morning routine. Restraints, straight-jacket, meds... Second click I find Driftglass

Great, just great. Every blog out there will be ahead of me and I'll have no way to say I had the same... Oh well...

I was planning to provide you all (all 10?) with a little past as prologue,
behind the magic that is current U.S. policy, cause and effect comparison.

How Congress was "briefed" before Iraq:

And this is How the Congress should view/respond to ANY request, initiative (really?), proposal, suggestion, edict, proclimation or afterthought er... concept er... bad idea (redundant in this case) this cluster-fuck of a lame duck spews forth...:

Rip one from the Gipper's playbook, Just Say NO!

Don't fund anything for more than 24 hours. Short shelf life, just like the thinking behind the requests.
A daily beg-a-thon for the puppeteers' obscenity laden ill-gotten booty. Let them decide whether to fund their benefactors addiction to blood money or their illegal war. Serve and volley, serve and volley. Game/Set/Match.

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Anonymous said...


Alas, Long Live Fredonia.

Chip And Dale were never as busy as the scene in that second clip. *G*

Marx Brothers were the greatest.
Mel Brooks ripped them off, well.

Greaat stuff hoss . . . *G*