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From my other life

We all have other lives. If we're lucky, several. They feed us, help us, make us think. The long and short of it is that I've been addicted to arguing most of my life. My wife says I'll argue about anything, anytime, from any position.
She's probably right except that I've been pretty consistent about which side I come down on.
I found these examples while reviewing 25 pages of "discussion", ostensibly about the Presidential race. My involvement usually occurs when the discussions take strange twists or get off-track. Sometimes a comment will draw me in. I'm not sure how this will translate. I've put the commenters quotes in italic blue. My responses normal black.

Maybe the Average Joe might not agree with Uber Liberal points of view, but he'll fight to the death for their right to have them. Uber Liberals on the other hand seem to chastise everyone who doesn't have their POV, and if given the power would force everyone to submit to their ideologies in the name of making the world a better place.

Who or what is an Uber Liberal? You can spot them easily enough if you know how to recognize them. The ACLU is full of them. They're the one's who go out of their way to be "politically correct". They're the ones who are offended by anyone who is less liberal than they are. They're the one's who use terms like "live and let live" but work really hard at getting everyone to follow their lead. They'll spout off about feminism and women's rights, but trash someone like Ann Coulter because she typically takes a Republican stance that you'd expect a male to subscribe to. They wear their liberalism on their sleeve and have contempt for anyone who doesn't work as hard as they do to demonstrate how anti-racist they are, or are as compassionate and tolerant as they are. But the reality is that they are as intolerant as any any ultra-conservative, just from the other end of the spectrum.

Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Oprah, and Rosie O'Donnell are prime examples. On Rosie's show one of her lady crew members had the audacity to take an anti-liberal stance on one issue. Instead of respecting that, she made it into a major big deal and eventually forced the lady off her show. Uber Liberals are like the mirror image of Nazis. They have a cause and anyone who is not on board with it is viewed as a threat and someone that needs to be corrected.

In short, Uber Liberals are liberal extremists and while they espouse tolerance, equality, compassion, etc, they sure act highly indignant towards anyone else who isn't. Most people just want to stay in their own little comfort zone with their own opinions on things. Uber liberals on the other hand seem to think they know what is best for everyone have this urgent need to get everyone to think as they do. They specialize in "finger pointing" and judging others as much as any other extremist group.

Let's do a finger count, Okay? That's a sh*tload of finger pointing you've managed. And you only tapped the "prime examples"?
Are you calling yourself an extremist group? Or just failing to identify the extemist group with which you align yourself?
I'm sincerely hoping that you're just playing another of your games here, helping to stir the pot. But it's obvious that you've put
some thought into what you posted. Is this REALLY how you see things? That it's the uber libs who've fubared this country?
(I'm not willing to adopt that term. Let's call them what they're commonly called; Dirty f**kin' Hippies)

Now lets look at REALITY. What's driven this bus, this far, thus far has been an ideology with two basic tactics. Naked fear and blind hatred.
They've been the two most abundant elements of policy making. It started innocently enough with a few generally agreed upon things to fear and hate;
Big government and the evil empire. Where and when did the experiment go hideously wrong? Was it when the evil empire went poof in a blinding flash of
sanity? Perhaps it was when the anti-big-government crowd tripled the size of government? When actually tasked with implementation of their vision they could not
help but try on the trappings of power and use their new-found control to reward their close friends and supporters? At the same time cowing any and all opposition citing rejection of their ideas and principles by the NEW majority. Demonizing their tenets and precepts, making sure there is no quarter for opposing views.

So the DFH's are the mirror image of Nazis? REALLY?!?!? That's a bit of a stretch no? A tad of blaming the victim? Are they not more like the Jews in any Nazi comparative?

"Uh Oh..... Make sure you're caught up with your homework kids, Dad just got up from his nap!Now seriously my Hippie friend, I didn't imply that the Uber Liberals are responsible for everything that is wrong in this country. Just half of it."

See? This is where I develop little spittle balls at the corners of my mouth.
Forgive me in advance for shouting, but

Aside from being convenient scapegoats, they have ZERO say in the crap that's passed into legislation. Pass the torch to a new generation? When? That is Burt Reynolds, Longest Yard territory, "Hey they fell for it once... Let's do them again!"

Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses. Actual progressives have been painted so far off into the fringe while Newt, Nancy, Fristo and Reid posture as "taking care of the people's business". Show me something, ANYTHING, that been proposed, then implemented AS PROPOSED, by DFH's.

Anything even remotely progressive is hauled into committee, choked, strangled, bled, tortured and bastardized beyond identification, then implemented by people with either an acute NEED to maintain the status quo or such contempt for the very idea of good governance that they'll stoop to anything to prevent effectiveness.

When your mantra is that government is bad. And you're the one overseeing how government is applied... What a shock. FUBAR.

At this point my opponent vanished


When the people voting for Obama are mostly African Americans and ivory tower "leftists" and "intellectuals", I know where my vote goes. And its not to him.

Hillary will win because she is going for the center, you know, the majority of Americans, the ones who are not activists, the ones who are not worked into a frenzy like KPO over projected returns and statistical analysis of voting blocs. And she will beat McCain. And she will fix this country, might take 8 years, but she will do it, just like Bill Clinton fixed the US after 12 years of Reagan/Bush mismanagement. Obama? Talk, talk, talk, blah blah blah. Now that I have watched him more closely, I detect a real smarminess and attitude about him. The Golden Boy--yeah, right. I think he would sacrifice our national security in order to "play nice" with al-Qaeda and similar Islamofascists like Iran and Syria. The hell with that. Make Obama UN Ambassador where he can talk nice and play nice. The world is too dangerous a place for "Mr. Smoothie".

When all is said and done, you may be right about the what, but off the mark on why.

A veto-overriding majority of Americans believe we need change. They are seemingly weighing in on a more sweeping change than Hillary offers. They want to change
the way things are done in their name. Being dragged back to center is a compromise they aren't ready to make. The center is where their hopes and ideals have had the stuffing kicked out of them. Repeatedly and without so much as a by your leave, they have voted for change, then forced to watch in disbelief; the same old shit.

Most don't remember Perot's "Pay for a Caddy, drive a Chevy" descriptive of our process, but they know the feeling he was after. They understood then, but just couldn't bring themselves to vote for that loon. In Obama, they think they finally might have the right loon, at the right time. They don't want to cede ground. They want it back. They want it all. They want it now.

They are buying in to the possiblitity that MAYBE this time, it will happen. it will be different. If not now, when? If not us, who? Instead of being dragged back to some arbitrary center, they are going out on a limb where the air is fresher and they can see the sky.

Mr. Smoothie found an eraser. He's saying we don't have to keep making the mistakes of the past. He's saying it can be morning in America again. Skeptics aren't buying, but he's not marketing to skeptics. He's appealing to the still hopeful, hoping they will join him.

There will be a hundred or more fresh faces in the house and perhaps a new wave of optimism. Mr. Smootie might be exactly the right guy at exactly the right time.

My last word seemed to shut him up.

Sometimes I try to "teach" rather than tell. Using other, mulitple sources...

I don’t like handouts from the federal government. As I said in an earlier post, my husband and I very much look forward to our vacation each year and I don’t want to give that up so some politician can start handing out freebies.

This country has established an arbitrary poverty line of around $25,000. If you make less than that you are poor if you make more than that, I guess your… not poor???. Well, two married people, each working a minimum wage job fulltime surpass that. The truth is there really is little or no poverty in this country. Nobody is freezing to death, nobody is starving to death, some just can’t afford a big screen T.V.

What we do have is opportunity. When you’re tired of being hungry or cold or watching a black & white television without cable, you can march yourself to the nearest 7-11 and offer to work the nightshift. They are always looking for help.
If you want it bad enough you’ll do it.

It's not that simple... Really. It isn't.

Ponzi schemes never are.

Aiding and abetting a looting (ironic. Eliot Spitzer before the fall)

Who gets helped, who gets screwed

The Golden Rule

And then it goes POOF!


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