Sunday, May 18, 2008

How is this not HUGE scary news everywhere?

On Friday, C&L's Nicole Belle asked the question: "Did someone declare this National Flaming Racist Idiot week, and I just didn’t notice until now?"

Medved Plays To The Lowest Denominator. Again.

If you scroll down to comment #36 you'll find my take on her question. "Every week is flaming racist idiot week in the good ol’ US of A."!

It's good that shitheels like Medved et al are out there spewing their psuedo-intellectual batshit crazy racism for all to hear. What would be bad would be Medved was left behind as a diversion while the truly crazed gathered in secure undisclosed locations to fester and breed their batshit crazy thinking into strategies, blueprints, agendas and plans of action.

That's what happened the last time they went into exile. If you haven't read the blueprints. You really should. If you can't read, have it read to you.

To illustrate the danger, I wanted to link to Neo-con central

To my shock and instant horror that address returned "This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."!!!!

I'm confident that the group's work is archived, documented and readily available. What's troubling is that they may have submerged again in anticipation of the bitch slapping that's due in November. That in their fevered brains, they might think they have a plan to save their place at the trough. Burn the village to save the village?

Farfetched? Have you been in a coma for the last seven years?

So I wait. Anticipating ripples of concern from the blogs.

A day goes by... nothing.
Then in Saturday night's C&L Open Thread , at comment #5 it's brought up again.

And people find it FUNNY?!?!?

Funny how? Funny like a clown? Funny like a neo-con?

This isn't funny. Not even in the darkest recess of my warped sense of humor.
This is worse than "We need a bigger boat" bad, "Rut Roh Rorge" bad, "Danger Will Robinson" bad.
This is "What do you mean you forgot to lock the door?" bad. This is Rod Serling, Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, Coen Brothers, Redrum nightmare BAD. This is Custer at the Little Big Horn bad.

Overreacting??!?!?! I wish. When a little league wingnut like Medved is carrying neo-con water while they disappear into the ether? Somebody needs to put lojack on their asses immediately.

They wouldn't dare?!?! Yeah, right.

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