Friday, December 14, 2012

Every Day in Thousands of Little Ways -OR- Gnawing At the Restraints

When the NYC Teachers' Pension System pledged its $1 Billion Dollar commitment to rebuilding from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, the reich-wing jihadists lost their shit. For them it validated everything they've been told to think of those greedy union teacher thugs. Where did teachers come up with a billion dollars?
They put it away, a little at a time, over time, for a rainy day.

POGers, Tea Partiers and Faux Noise's audience fail to grasp the concept. (I know! What a shocker!) Faux Noise continues to "comfort" them, in their inimitable ways, interrupting their ongoing cheerleading for drastic austerity measures, long enough to demonize the Teachers' Union. I don't expect the Pig People will ever fully grok their own contributions to the state of our union. So much to hate; so little time!

Even when grossly simplified, explained and itemized in detail, they prefer their spoon-fed, carefully crafted and constructed delusions about who's screwing whom in this ongoing nightmare. The rest of us will continue to have to contend with trying to drag the knuckle-draggers away from the abyss. Hoping against hope that they will come to understand and join the cause.

Bedford Falls or Pottersville. It really IS that simple.

1928, 1946 or 2012, the Potters always scoff at puny efforts of the Bailey Building & Loan. The Potters still hold MOST of the cards. They remain unhappy that they don't hold them all. They FEAR the rabble for good reason. Fooling enough of the people for just long enough has served them well enough. If they could just break through the "Red Zone" defense... and then what? That's the question.

The Rabble, all at once, or incrementally, realizing that the hippies were right all along would be a needed shock to the system. Too little; too late? Really? Being happy with little isn't as terrible as it sounds. Conceptually, the hippies have been defined rather than understood. In reality, they are you.

It's a simple model really. It's not socialism or commmunism. It's limited capitalism. We pool our resources, help each other, work together on our own terms rather than those dictated by Potter. That's what fueled the booming American economy. It wasn't the CEOs of Walmart, Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, United Health Care. It was hundreds of thousands of small interdependent businesses in small towns and big cities across America. The same businesses that have been bought out by vulture capitalists and liquidated for CASH.

In the aftermath of Sandy, the people will rebuild. Better than before, but not different, as long as there is a Bailey Building & Loan to help. Three guesses who'll be demonizing them every. step. of. the. way.

We are us. They are who they are. Who needs whom?


matt jacob said...

as usual, spot on.

amber ladeira said...

I like that, limited capitalism, i.e., heavily regulated. Humans need watching, I've always said.