Saturday, March 3, 2012

Question of the Day -OR- Don't Ask; Don't Tell Realms

Just purposefully walking along, minding my own business, on a minor hunting/gathering expedition when I was confronted by a clipboard wielding question asker.

"Sir, Today we only have one question..."

I walked by. Purposefully

"Sir? We only want to know one thing. What is your favorite instrument?"

Slowly I turned...

Medieval Mace!

Be thankful that I left mine at home today...

1 comment:

amber ladeira said...

--I love it! I LOST MY "weapon" of choice, a cane,
which I take when riding the "L" or walking around at night. Cell phone and pepper spray are also good. I realize this was a spoof, but you reminded me....
Best Wishes to you and yours.