Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wait! What? -OR- Me and Bobby Magee

Some Greeks Might Have to Pay for Their Jobs @ The Atlantic Wire.

If you didn't see this (or something like it) coming, then you should be required to repeat elementary school and become a lifetime subscriber to Highlights for childen with special emphasis on their logic puzzles.

It's not incongruent to be living in a home on which you owe more than is worth or worse, still paying for a home you no longer own or live in. Driving a car on which you owe more than the trade-in value. Paying $4.00 per gallon for gas while Oil Companies are setting new profit records (even after graphically obscene executive compensations and bonuses.) In a country that has granted citizenship to CORPORATIONS while purging voter roles. Personhood to embryos while railing to outlaw contraception and abortion. WTF, we have right-to-work taking over, why not pay to work? I'm sure when the financial crisis has passed, and our wars have all been started and won, there will be better days and more equitable distribution of the load.

This is the logical finish line of the market, service, consumer debt-driven economy. All the risk of the last 30 years fully amortized and socialized across the 99%, so that the 1% can be free to create jobs that you can pay them to work at. If you didn't risk and distance yourself from the great unwashed, it's your own damn fault.
If you didn't think they would finally find a way to destroy the societal safety net that enabled their rise to the 1% just so they declare a winner in their little game of who's got the most? Because what held them at bay has been incrementally and systematically shifted, switched and shafted so that WE no longer have the inviolate equity share that was part of the last treaty?

Happy Daze is here again!

Do I feel validated that my decades of trying to point out the inevitable is proving out? Who the fuck cares?
Here's the deal. The 1% may find out that they don't have enough money to pay enough of us to keep the rest of us from gleefully dancing on their street dragged and emulsified remains. No enclave gated enough. No walls high enough. No politicians pwned enough. It'd be chaos. All those survivalists who've been rehearsing for SHTF days? Outnumbered too.

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

"It will not happen here? We're too civilized?"

The Greek ruins didn't always look like ruins. They were once symbolic of the mightiest, most civilized nation/state on the planet Earth.

Humanity has survived Dark Ages before. It will again. Maybe this time, we'll get it right?

The talent and skills remain with the workers. While it would be better for everyone not to relive the birth of the modern labor movement, we no longer own that either. We're still on the precipice of just how ugly it can get and the 1% still think they have the upper hand.

There's just no teaching some people.

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amber ladeira said...

Dear B,
Talents and skills are in every segment of society, that's not our current dilemma. The lack of character, ethical constructs, worthy goals and morality IS.
Those architecturally impressive
Greeks and Romans had slaves, including their pedagogues, so super-stellar "civilizations" they AIN'T, in my opinion.

Sadly, the immoral parts of the 1%
aren't wrong, they DO have the upper hand: if riots occur at the Chicago G8/NATO meetings in May, all sorts of law enforcement will be called in, to protect the rich and powerful attendees. You might even see the National Guard, poorly trained as many of them are.

I haven't changed my views
expressed earlier: It's always a case of kicking the can down the road, whether changing out of ghastly, bleak eras (the Dark Ages)
or going from one or two generations to the next. Until humanity itself deeply evolves, it will be the same stuff, different day.

--Not that I'm happy with that!
Best to you and yours, A.