Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thinklings -OR- Random WTFs

Accepting a smaller life to enable already unequaled privilege and comfort is the new America for which Ronald Wilson Reagan has been canonized.

Blaming our present clusterfucks on dirty fucking hippies who've had less than zero power or influence EVER is either the best or worst marketing campaign in history.

Cashing in the chips and chits of a dozen generations should have required more than a wave of the flag.

Keeping an electorate busy trying to make sense out of nonsense is apparently a winning strategy.

The "Both sides do it" false equivalency perpetuates both sides doing what it is they do.

The party affiliation applicable to most of the electorate is the "Whatever" party.
Having voted consistently, with futility, for things to make sense, they've been rewarded with even more of the same.

Politically, a missed opportunity is as good as a light year at our present speed making any advertised destination impossible to reach.

The attributes generally assigned to and largely accepted for our current political leanings are 180° from reality. This is either a deliberate or delusional condition.

The demonized "Tax and Spend" ways and means, historically, have a far more respectable record of checks and balance than our glorified "Tax Cut and Spend"
ways and means.

Math is tricksy. If you know, with confidence, that you can steal a billion, not go to jail, and return less than pennies on the dollar, the line to get some of that will never end.

A man can spend a life pretending to do good deeds, but sodomize one child and that's all that anyone will know.

Thank you for playing our game.

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amber ladeira said...

--Fight harder, smarter?

I know you haven't given up or
you wouldn't write this blog.

A Happier New Year
to you and yours, A.