Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Otherwise Occupied -OR- Take A Break

After careful study of the calendar, lunar cycles and list of things in need of doing, it has been concluded that there's just no time for thought or mashing words together until they resemble a coherently expressed idea. Therefore, in keeping with the spirit of the season and the occupy movement, Occupy Mayberry, is deemed appropriate as long as you're mindful of the subtle racism in this recognized American treasure. Surely Mayberry had at least one black family? Even "It's a Wonderful Life" had Lillian Randolph.

Here's hoping you find a minute or five to enjoy and reflect in the frenzied days ahead.

1 comment:

amber ladeira said...


The only lovely moments this
holiday can afford are personal
ones, as the the national political
atmosphere is a cheerless disgrace.

My latest post compares Speaker
Boehner to the Grinch, as many
others are also doubtlessly doing.

Best to you and yours; loved that
Occupy Mayberry reference!