Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Always Something... -OR- We Interrupt This Comeback...

Only two more shopping days until Zappadan 2011!
Now, more than ever, we need to celebrate the beacon of freedom Mr. Zappa championed.
I'm a bit torn over jumping the gun on the start of the season, but anticipation is running thick so there's bound to be some earlybirds... Now I've joined them...

When he wasn't thumbing his nose at the mainstream circus, Frank Zappa was providing chewy, nutritious deliciousness to serious musicians and music fans around the world. His efforts in exposing the absurdity and hypocrisy behind the "conservative" movement's demands for command and control over the music industry have been wholly under-appreciated. The stinging humiliation he delivered to the well-funded "law and order" vanguard will be prominently on display during the 2011 celebration. "They" came first for the musicians because they were speaking for and through the masses.
That tactic was not lost on Mr. Zappa. He stepped up and stridently defended his OUR rights.

As usual, FGAQ will
be the center ring and Mark Hoback its Ringmaster. Bloggers of every persuasion will post their own interpretations of the meanings of Zappadan to them and you will be free to add your own reflections in the comments sections.

Because the world continues in FZ's absence, there will not be a halt in coverage of the ongoing ratfuckery and mainstream shilling that our planet off-gasses. There will just be plenty of FZ music and wisdom to provide sadly missing context to the continuing clusterfuck.

Frank Zappa wasn't a hippie in the Wikipedia sense. He wasn't an intellectual in the William F. Buckley sense. He wasn't a revolutionary in the Che sense. He wasn't a radical in the Emma Goldman sense. He wasn't a selfless humanitarian in the Mother Teresa sense. He was a fairly objective spokesperson for life on planet earth. He refused to let all the petty little people use their petty little distractions on folks to gloss over the really big problems their lust for hegemony created.

He sought to foster eqality, societal awareness, human rights, freedom, thought, civil discourse and peace. He tried to warn of the dangers inherent in power. He promoted acceptance of our differences while embracing our shared concerns. He wasn't seeking utopia, only semi-peaceful co-existence.

He was just a more prolific Rodney King. His experience taught him that it weren't "each other" who had a problem getting along. It was those who elevated themselves by driving wedges between us for personal advantage. He wasn't against anything except the abuses of power and privilege he saw squatting on us all. I can't think of a better reason to celebrate. It ain't theirs unless we give it to them. They can make all the ownership claims they like, but our lives are still ours.

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