Monday, November 28, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again -OR- Fear AND Loathing

The seasons change. My ambivalence over blogging is on the wane. Intro and retro- spection have re-emerged. The mission I've accepted is improbable...Back to REGULARLY scheduled postings. Whether my take on the outrage de jour is necessary or not, relevant or not, important or not, matter or not, I'm compelled to make the attempt.

The gaps in my missives here have not been empty. I continue to battle pig-stupid short-sighted, borderline redundant assertions on small venue outposts of my immediate surroundings. I observe and report with commentary and interactive dialogue on several local outposts. That's a fancy way of saying I participate in local online forums debating the meaning of life in all of its facets.

The translation of this activity is not easy to summarize for blogging purposes. I prefer the give and take of relative real-time horn-locking. Over time, a few constants persist that mirror the wider circumstances by which we live.

The results are, more often than not, satisfying. I'm able to collect and distill sentiments into cogency for myself. I'm more convinced than ever that our prospects of averting the deliberate and willful destruction of centuries of human progress is still possible. It's simply going to require a lot more show and a lot less tell.

The ability to reassign the proceeds of our long slog as a society, from the catalysts of that progress to those who fought against it all with every fiber of their being, must be cauterized. This is not what we ordered. We have to have the gumption to send it back and get what we deserve. what we signed on for, what we PAID for.

I've maintained, for myself, that the fundamental schism is a programming error. A particularly nasty virus that has metastasized to our entire operating system, corrupting the existing data, overwriting vital information and infecting all new input from all of our peripherals. The outcome is a machine that flat refuses to produce anything but corrupted results.

Because of its IF:THEN predictability, those with the stand-alone resources to stay clear of the consequences are having a field day.

This is meant to be the preface to what must follow. We will see where this goes; together.

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