Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Harmless Game of LIFE -OR- Take the bypass.

With the exception of a very small sliver, is anybody really being fooled? The problem is that the sliver aren't really fooled either. They are merely shills. "America is Broke!". Really? Does anyone with any firing synapses actually believe this shit?

"The pump won't work because the vandals took the handle."

Indeed, when we first set out on this Airplane Game, there were those who doubted, those who cried WOLF!, those who recognized the catch-phrases and rhetoric of a MLM, "We're ALL gonna be RICH!". If you WANT it bad enough and don't care about who gets screwed over so you too can hang out with the ELITE! Get yours now! Let everybody else worry about everybody else..., because when you come right down to it, there is only Us and THEM and you surely don't want to party with them now do ya sport?

And like any worthy pyramid scam it all went well for a while. In fact, when you have multi-billions being seeded into the scam from the Federal Treasury, you can sustain the smoke and mirror illusions long enough to fool even more of the people; more of the time!

So by now you've risen up the Randite ladder and have secured your wee slice of heaven... You don't want YOUR assets mingling with theirs. Hedge funds are where you NEED to be. Sure it's the same Glen Gary Glen Ross, Boiler Room, Jedi Mind Trick that's kept your "dreams" of being one of the elite always just out of reach. You content yourself at being better than THEM and are still hearing that clarion call that with just a little less humanity and a bit more of your inner predator, you too will be among the truly blessed.

You heed the word that to separate from them you need to join the right church, club, political organization and toney suburban enclave. You barely notice the "truly" elite exiting as you enter, moving on up themselves to distance themselves from YOU. You miss that they look at you the same way you look at them people.

You buy in. Step up in "class".

Your life is good. You buy the whole package. (Contents may NOT settle. Period.) You've distanced yourself from the rabble. You've insulated yourself and your loved ones from the greedy unwashed. You have no need to visit the commons. It's bad enough that you may have to pass through on your travels. Your little niche has everything you need. What it doesn't yet have it eventually will as the takings continue. The great sorting is on schedule. The tide of public opinion is stemmed.

Yep, you've hitched your wagon to a real plan. No rags in the bag; no trash under the counter. You paid your dues. You have subscribed. And ain't that America? It's ALL good! You and your bootstraps did all this single-handed. You don't owe anybody anything.

Good luck with that going forward.

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