Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Obedience School -OR- Shoes For Industry!

Separate and unequal. No hint of the nuanced subtleties of Jim Crow.
It does not even seem to matter if you're paying attention or not. Win-Win.
Tune in. I dare ya. Try to pay attention.

It's like the narrative, play-by-play and color commentary audio of a football game laid atop the video of a Nascar Race. The context is off. It makes absolutely no sense unless you are able to deny one sense or the the other. I should be hearing the keening sounds of internal combustion engines...WTF?!?

Clearly the voices don't have clue one about what's taking place on the field, but they keep authoritively describing something. Twist as you might, squint with one eye, it's still gibberish. Clearly two (or more) different games are being played. The viewing audience struggles to reconcile the sensory input with no seeming connection.

We're not all in the same boat. We're not all even in the same body of water. The circling great whites of one reality simply do not exist in others. Still, to the newsfotainers, "They could!". It's completely conceivable that there could be sharks! Why isn't somebody doing something about the conceivable sharks! We need a viable conceivable shark plan! And we need it NOW!"

Gibberish. "The rebound in the banking industry shows the excellent leadership in that sector. They've joined the oil industry in posting RECORD PROFITS!" No mention of the taxpayer subsidies, bailouts or assumption of the toxic waste problems.

Listen, if you can. Watch if you must. Just don't expect to gain an appreciation for the "sport".

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amber ladeira said...


Correct as usual....I no longer
"appreciate" the sport, but must
stick a toe in now and again, in the
interest of the future.

Best, A.