Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zappadan Zappadan Zappa All The Way -OR- No Pretending You Don't Have One

Nothing says Holiday Season like a good dose of the clap Frank Vincent Zappa; d: December 4, 1993, b: December 21, 1940. The daze of Zappadan typically kicks off with a rousing selection of everybody's favorite tubes.

Tengrain's got it @ Mock, Paper, Scissors,
Zencomix @ The Aristocrats. The mind that hatched the holiday, Mark Hoback @
Fried Green Al-Qaedas

I'll save my tubing for Tuesdays. Instead, it's words. All snark; no prattle.
At a time when I was looking for answers. He delivered...

"Without deviation from the norm, 'progress' is not possible." -FVZ
A fine riff on GBS's "... All Progress relies on the unreasonable man."

Spread the word of Zappadan for all to hear. Ya hear?


darkblack said...

Zappadan felicitations, Rehctaw.


amber ladeira said...

Mr. Zappa DOES deserve to be
remembered; fan writers like you
are helping!

Of course there can't be progress
if enough people don't fight an
evil status quo. Glad that Frank
rather insisted on his values/individuality, inspiring
enough others.