Monday, December 6, 2010

Shock and Wowsers -OR- He Did It His Way

Image lifted from Darkblack's Zappadan. Darkblack is an Eeeeeeeeevil Genius.

One man's Resume
Being on the "fringe" did not impede his creativity. In fact it fed it. He was/is an inspiration to generations.

It is vital that such a presence not be allowed to fade from the record. That he not be marginalized or forgotten. His overarching message was to be yourself and let others figure out how to deal with that reality.

Those asking for explanations deserved his best sarcasm. He was far easier to understand than most mainstream celebrapersonalities and/or their fawning press.

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darkblack said...

"...Eeeeeeeeevil Genius"

You flatter me, good sir - for a brief moment I was a small pond reflecting an incoming stone, and now? A vaguely disquieting apparition in the mist, perhaps.

FZ summed it best in two aphorisms for me - 'Forget about the Senior Prom, go to the library and educate yourself if you've got any guts', and the full 'music is best' quote...Simple words to live a complex life by.