Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still A Rebellious Teen? -OR- If They Were Right I'd Agree

Introspection as an industry? Sure, why not. We are overwhelmingly a species of seekers, merely posing as a well-integrated society, engaged in a mystical tug o' war for, if not preponderance; recognition and if not recognition; the right to exist.

The penultimate threat to such a society is dominance by and for a gerrymandered preponderance, insistent on there being only one acceptable approach to living to which our combined resources MUST be applied to the exclusion (and elimination) of all

Have I lost you yet? Simply put; controlling the mandatory dues paid by all, for the exclusive benefit of an acceptable class, results in a mostly indigestible stew. Ya either eat it or go hungry. The extraction factory makes sure as much nutrient is gone before it his the plate. There, that oughta lop of any lingering inquisitors.

IF you're still reading...
Where quarter used to be given to independents, iconoclasts, drop-outs and outcasts; tolerance can no longer exist. Too messy and uncontrollable. You're either with or against. Against has severe, escalating penalties imposed by the controlling faction.
Assimilate or suffer. Give your unconditional proxy or hit the road. With or without your attention and/or your support, despite the dubious nature of the crises and threats, disregarding the obvious abuses and the historic historically inaccurate framing of the issues, hypocritically deflecting the hypocrisy, blatantly skirting the problems created by and for application of all of the above, we remain tottering on the brink of nothing promising.

Oh happy day! The only hope to feel the sun's warmth is to plant yourself firmly atop the downtrodden masses and belittle their earnestness, value and worth. After generations of platitudes about "common interests building a prosperous future together" it's time to change the rules, terms, responsibilities and division of assets. You don't OWN squat. You OWE everything.

Murray Chissmas...

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