Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Hard Knock Life -OR- Crusty Spoons

Compare and contrast:

Is this the life? Is this the world that was being envisioned, planned and forecast? Is this what was intended? If not. Why not? It really is that simple.

Shouldn't the "if not; why not?" phase be somewhere, perhaps even very high up, on the urgency agenda? No, really, shouldn't we be trying to find out where and why it seems to have gone so terribly wrong for so many? Do we really need method actors pretending that everything is as it should be or that with just a tweak here and there the wheels will stop falling off? Are people still fooled at all? Really?

What's more likely? That it's all some leftist conspiracy bent on global ruination OR that a committed group extremely short-sighted asshats set up and kicked off this game of "Igotmine! Fuck YOU".

Seriously. Can anyone HONESTLY say that we haven't been in free-fall regression for decades? Consider, if you will, the "reality" TV show "Hoarders". Now apply the symptoms and diagnosis to the major shifts in American life. Are the hoarders of money and power any less sick and pitiful than the people who hoard material things?

At some point that "stuff" was useful. When it turned into just a pile, it lost its function; became USELESS. UGLY. INFESTED. It ceased being cared for. DOH!

They say that when you're pointing fingers there are 3 pointing back at you.
Maybe that's why zombies roam the earth in variants of this classic pose?

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amber ladeira said...

--It is to laugh! (Also, to cry....)

Hoarding is hoarding, herding anything together without orderly, practical or moral use. --Just ask Silas Marner!

(Loved the zombie cartoon; when my
kid was an elven month old beginning walker,
she used the zombie posture;
whoever does it, it's always a hoot!)