Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Can't Get There From Here -OR- The Professional Lost

Uncle Joe left the Shady Rest and moseyed on over to Sam Drucker's for a little bull-session...
"Get it straight, guys. These guys are playing for keeps," Biden warned of Republican efforts to make inroads in Illinois and Washington. Speaking to several hundred people at a rally at the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local 130 headquarters on the Near West Side, the vice president said it would take the nation a decade to recover "if we let this slip through our hands."

I'm reminded of Casey Stengl who was famously quoted "Can't Anybody here play this game?.

While it's important that Joe Biden uttered the phrase, it's more important that he comprehend it. It's still unclear when he had this epiphany or why his party has chosen to downplay and ignore the threat, that is... when it isn't bending over backwards to appease.

"These guys" have ALWAYS been playing for keeps. Where is the confusion? They've always been Bluto to the Dem's Popeye. Except that these modern Popeyes are even slower to rile than the original and they seem to be woefully short of spinach.

I've had all I can stands! I can't stands no more.*

*Unless you object or criticize or call us names?

Ostensibly, Uncle Joe walked into a political green zone to convey a message about life on the rough and tumble "mean streets". And this was the message he delivered?
"Deese guys is serious"?

Is what remains even worth playing for? By any objective measure, the interests for which the Reproblicans have shilled and for which Demoncrats have not fought since FDR, have called "keeps" on anything and everything promised and realized through the "New Deal" and subsequent negotiations. All that remains to be given away cheaply is the future.

That's what's at stake. No more, no less. To wring the last of the dregs of the empty husk of a relatively brief period of progressiveness that gnaws at the Party of Bluto.

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