Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bleating Sheep -OR- Yeah, I'M the Bad Guy Here.

I've casually mentioned, FTTT, my antipathy for the fucking sleazeball liars who used the tragic events of 9/11 to hijack America. 9 years later, it should be painfully obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that the intent was always a deliberate policy decision to re-militarize and control this country; subsequent events have no other rational explanation.

But I'm not here to rehash. I'm not here to point out the incongruity between words and actions that belie the notion that it was all done to keep us safe. Mission Accomplished. You can't argue with success when success is defined on the fly.

By now I should know better than to question authority. By now I should understand that I am a resident of Opposite World. I should just shrug and suppress the urge to
voice my misgivings. I should finally accept my place as a DFH whose thoughts on anything/everything are so out of step with the mainstream's instruction manual, that I am forever consigned to the fringe without recourse. I should realize that I'm speaking a dead language from which there is no translation for peace, justice, equality, fairness, perspective or objectivity.

Since I simply cannot, I must be flawed. I must be wrong. I must be stopped... The new mantra... Enough of the people, enough of the time... Be one of us or you ARE one of them.

At this point, to expect past wrongs to be corrected would mean ADMITTING to wrongs. I should know... that's just not done anymore. The world I was born into, that I was raised to love, honor and respect no longer exists. That deal was merged and acquired and sold off in chunks. If I'm relying on past promises, I'm a chump.

What I think, do and say is meaningless to any and all save me and my small circle.
I should just be okay with that. I should just let it all go and be thankful I'm allowed to stand out here and observe...


darkblack said...

Well, don't be.


amber ladeira said...

--Minimalist praise! I love darkblack's simplicity.

I must echo db: Don't be. You can't
quite be satisfied with the validation of your small circle, although that helps. BE WARNED, I'm
about to get all preachy and formalistic. I try to keep this
pithy saying in front of me so
I won't "settle":

"All that is required for evil to
succeed in the world is for enough
good men to do nothing." Sir Edmund
Burke, English Parliament, 1700's.
(Sir Ed here, by the way, was one of the few, perhaps the only,
supporter(s) in that Parliament of our bid for independence. I love that guy!)

I'm not chastising you, only hoping
you'll recall all the positive
results you've accomplished over
your life. We tend to forget them
when we're discouraged. (Your tone
in "The Bleating Sheep" is interesting, reminiscent of Dostoevsky in his "Notes to the Underground".)

What we have to do is pool our creativity and inspire each others'
determination--that's exactly how the Founders made a new nation, how any great enterprise gets off the ground.


Please see my response to your
remarks on my blog. I too need to
explain myself now and again, even
if I fantasize I'm a model of

Meanwhile, a fine weekend to you and yours.