Friday, October 22, 2010

Whatever Gets You Through The Night -OR- Got Time to Kill?

Having an onboard integrated Babel Fish is both a blessing and a curse.

Ya hear what I'm saying? I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

I appreciate the efforts of those who provide translated transcripts, recaps, highlights and lowlights.
Moonshine Patriot @ The Bobblespeak Translations
What They're Really Saying When They're Saying What They're Saying

And of course, the perpetually brilliant D r i f t g l a s s (whose SMMC (Sunday Morning Mouse Circus) should be on everybody's MUST READ! list) with yet another DavidfuckingBrooks vivisection. Even though it's low-hanging fruit, I leave each one just a little less fatalistic.

I'm up to my nads seriously rehabbing 25 sq. ft. of butcherblock counter in the kitchen. Just a mindless chore, but one that's long overdue. It won't finish any of the 30 drafts in my to-do box, which is sort of the point of the exercise?

I keep promising myself (and you) that I will stop the obtuse open ended postings and provide specifics, but by now we both know that's not likely anytime soon...

Ding. The Oxalic Acid timer... Later.

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