Sunday, October 24, 2010

What We Don't Know Can't Hurt Us? -OR- Who's Jammin' Whom?

baffled, confused, puzzled, stumped, foxed, at sea, bewildered, at a loss, mystified, stymied, bamboozled, nonplussed, befuddled, distracted, disjointed, discombobulated, perplexed...

What IS the point? What is YOUR point?

Here is mine:
Despite the best efforts to stress independence and project an illusion that actions have no consequence beyond the immediate acute circumstance at which an action or deliberate inaction is aimed, shit happens.
We live on an intricately interconnected web where everything matters to someone; somewhere. There's nothing worse than a world of shit falling on you because somebody else was arrogantly careless.
So when you deliberately ignore the consequences of your actions, or worse deny any correlation of activity and consequence because you are insulated from the effect, you act carelessly; perhaps devastatingly so for people who wind up dealing with YOUR shit.

Wikileaks' exposure, of actions taken, allegedly on my behalf, are not a threat to national security. The real threat to our national security stems from thinking questionable means to a never defined end is a sound policy path. We deserve to know. We NEED to know. We might not like it, but we enabled it and it falls to us to fix it.

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amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher,
This may be one of your best posts yet--I must agree, 100%! Actually, as you doubtlessly know, many scientists (especially in the biological fields) have been saying
this for decades now, but do the hoi poloi listen? "inextricably intertwined" is a phrase they've
often used.

(P.S.: This post sounds upbeat and action oriented, a very good thing.)
Best, A.