Friday, October 29, 2010

Eat Shit. A billion flies can't be wrong? -OR- Deja Fuck You?

A cold slap in the face from D r i f t g l a s s.
Go there and read the WHOLE thing.

Demonstrating one more time why I spend most of my waking hours waiting for the Kaboom. Why I chose Marvin. Why Arte Johnson's "Very Interesting; But Stupid" pops up in my mind when I hear words, see images, dodge catapulted demagoguery and desparately cling to any sliver of sanity that bleeds through the din.

What's real? [Which reel? The final reel of this major motion picture?]

Cue the Sabre Dance

Can anyone tell the difference between talent and bullshit anymore? Why do we keep having the same stoopid argument? Hasn't the damage been enough evidence? Our pile of brokenness rivals the Himalayas, but we're sending in another wave of Vogon destructors? Wow!

Yeah, Charlie Callas is a funny guy. Unfortunately for us, the plates the GOP has used for its routine are people's lives and our country's future.

If Russ Feingold's stellar career ends next Tuesday, we might as well elect Sarrahcuda in 2012. The best clowns should be on display at the end of the run.

Hobson was dead wrong. There's no choice involved. My only choice at this point is to stand by, at the ready, with a shovel.


Tengrain said...

I've been sad all week about Feingold. I meet him -- briefly -- at the Progressive Conference in Madison a couple of years ago. He's just soooo good, I don't get how he is not winning hands down.



amber ladeira said...

There's an echo here, going "oh nooo"....but on a brighter note, Mr. Feingold may not represent the Wisconsin electorate any longer, but we should know he will NOT remain silent or inactive
while out of office.