Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saving Up To Give A Shit -OR- Where's the KA-Boom?

Being a reality-based cynical DFH, it's not surprising to me when a little truth manages to leak out of the Playdoh FunFactory extruders masquerading as media. Where there used to be several to a dozen strident voices around a conference table debating and deciding the content, we now have, at most, two people and the intertubes select-o-matic determining what passes for news. And yes, they still have the chutzpah to call themselves an editorial board.

I suspect that ADA compliance necessitates the zero-depth construction. After all, they could explain it, from all of the necessary angles, but there'd still be the same level of understanding at the spigot end. For a daily, weekly or 24/7 operation,
a widget is a widget. Do they underestimate their audience? Overestimate their influence? Consider either at all? By all available evidence, the churn is the only thing that matters.

So when one or several of the major outlets drops a nugget of truth into the information slurry, they can be confident it will not make much of a ripple.
They can return to churning out zero-depth drivel without a second-thought. If what is churned from one edition to the next negates one from the other, the total lack of follow-up will make it appear intended and seamless.

Where does that leave the occasional to industrious market share of read> think> reason> process> accept/reject thinkers? It doesn't matter because another load is on the way. Then another and another and another.

Media has joined the car alarm in the barely registered spectrum of human awareness.

That leaves the productive/creative side with a serious quandary. Their food/shelter/survival depends on extracting a paycheck from an industry that no longer values knowledge, insight, talent and skill.

At our present speed and course, backround, history and context are bothersome to churn production. The only facts that matter are those woven into the widget. They will not be checked, and if they are, there's no time to revisit.

The inevitable outcome of this hyperspeed output and ingestion is lethal malnutrition. The manifestations of which dominate today's churn and will continue to do so until the wheels fall the fuck off.

Thank you for playing our game.

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