Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dueling Douchebags? -OR- Stupid on Display

What will it take? At what point does the blatant and obvious bullshit no longer suck up all the oxygen and airtime? Why, oh why, is it even necessary to hear this crap at all?

It must be true, I hear it on teevee all the time! In the great tradition of Ronald Wilson Reagan, a warehouse full of horseshit obviously equates to ponies and unicorns for everyone. It is the whopperest fish story of all time. I sure can't argue its success, can you? The track record displays the winning formula. Fool enough of the people enough of the time to have things their way, EVEN when exposed as assholes and voted OUT of power. Kick back, scream and shout, obstruct, then point fingers at the other guys trying to undo the damage, then repeat the cycle. Benefits and consequences being all in arrears, there's always room for jello and money tricks.

We're told all of that is ancient history with no present context. No cause and effect at all? It was the democrats' fault. Enough people believe it to perpetuate the influence, but let's look at the construct. Track it back. Connect the dots. For going on 50 years we've been told that LBJ and the Great Society are to blame for everything that is wrong with gummint. (For 30+ years before that it was the FDR and New Deal.) Have there been two more greater evils perpetrated against America?

Demoncrats and LIBURALS; synonymous with Fascists, Communists, Socialists and domestic terrorists has been the right's mantra since FDR without any factual data to support the indictment. In reality, LBJ didn't implement the Great Society programs, Richard Nixon directed and cast the majority of its elements. So in addition to his "Law and Order" mandate to deal with protesters, he was handed the keys to the biggest progressive victory since the New Deal. The newly created government bureaus were headed by Nixon's Republican Party faithful whose directive was to make sure the programs produced nothing the Democrats would want to claim as their own. As a bonus, the failures could be recycled for each election and blamed on LBJ and those dirty fucking hippies. More pointed fingers to distract from the massive takings and give-aways.

Mid-wiving the birth of opposite world where reality lies 180° from the rhetoric. Nixon first appointed a "Heckuva Job Brownie" Guy and key cog in his campaign, Robert Finch, to head H.E.W.. When it became clear that HEW was the lynchpin to control, overseer power then passed to Eliot Richardson , then to Casper Weinberger. By the time "Cap the knife" took the helm, the die was cast. Policy was established and inertia took over.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes in modern history was the media acceptance of the Nixon Plumbers. Yes, there was a covert group, but the overt plumbers were installing the piping that would carry all of the Great Society funding. Their work made and still makes the well-connected rich while eliminating any opportunity of benefit from all that money for its stated goals.

So was it built, so does it still operate. This model is replicated throughout our federal bureaucracy. Put in a dollar, get out a dime.(If you're lucky). We've been had and had and had. It worked so well that its successors are at first confused, then reluctant to change it. How do you admit such a hideous scam? So they attempt to control it until it controls them.

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