Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How did I miss it? -OR- What the Deux

h/t Bluegal!

There's something very wrong with the narrative voice in the United States of America. It seems no matter what's done or happens, it spells doom, gloom and defeat for Barrack Obama. Extricating the country out of two legacy FUBAR'd military engagements with some level of professionalism and dignity on a TIMETABLE, on schedule, might be considered a pretty slick trick unless you're the first Black President. Absorbing volley after volley after volley of catastroclusterfucks brought on by REPUBLICAN policies, in stride, while disarming potentially world alteringly the backasswards policies into something closer to a reality base makes
this President worse than the plague? Facing down an obstructionist, idealess MINORITY party whose errors and omissions brought us to the very edge of an abyss, just to pass minor legislation and correct the errors is a bad thing. Taking to the bully pulpit to point out the asshats and hypocrites is a bad thing too.

When tea partiers knock off REPUBLICAN candidates, it's Bad News For the Democrats?
The narrative is that Dems are going to be steamrolled in November. I'm pretty sure there's a Rickroll in that linkage somewhere. But it IS what one might reasonably expect from Opposite World, where despite some near-Herculean efforts, we still reside. Up is down, war is peace, stupid is smart and wrong is right. Pearl necklaces and a gaping piehole is the image of chaste piety.


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amber ladeira said...

Watcher, I agree with your two latest posts. What does FUBAR mean? The photos are priceless! (I met Shel briefly years ago in Old Town--the Saddle Club? Not sure.) Just finished a book from 1998, Upside Down by Eduardo Galeano. He's pointed out many of the same outrages others, you and I have described in our blogs plus more.

In honor of Constitution Day (Friday the 17th) my latest post is The U.S.: Neither a Democracy nor a Meritocracy. I hope you check it out, perhaps agree.
A good weekend wish to you and yours.