Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Back To Where We Once Belonged -OR- Handbasket Weaving

If you born after Nixon you might be excused from having a well-grounded perspective on how the present became this messed up. If you've accepted the generally agreed upon lies, it's pointless to claim any level of authority on a wide variety of subjects. Unless you've had a "hold on just a damn minute, something's wrong with the timeline" epiphany and delved into the unvarnished past, you can only perpetuate the false assertions and altered facts.

If you're older and you stopped paying attention to the details at some point, it's silly to replace the cobwebs in your perceptions with whatever is handy and easy. That kind of simplistic rationalization fails us all.

We can't get there from here. We've lost too much common ground to simply accept the questionably redrawn boundaries. There has to be a critical forensic accounting with required concessions and penalties for the unwise and unbridled incursions, lootings and abandonment of principles that have marked time for the last decades. Those who would say there is no time for that and we must just plod ever onward are just shilling for dollars.

It is only on the fringe, to where true American ideas were banished, that any kind helpful perspective still remains. Where a future can be charted.

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