Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Fan -OR- Put on that Wide Belt and Sportshirt and Tell It Like It WAS!

The Driftglass & Bluegal Podcast

On this week's showgram, Drifty and BG `splain a few things that should be obvious to everyone, yet somehow aren't. Their anger is barely contained which ALWAYS makes for delicious listening.

Go. Listen.

At ~ 12:30 point of the podcast, BG points out that the bullies seem to be running everything. Bullying is the absolute proper descriptive. If you can't bully today, you get steamrolled by bullies.

Bizarrely though, we have a substantial movement to address bullying by school children. This is identified as a major problem in the lunch box set and there is a bewilderment over where the "trend" is coming from, but everyone, publicly, agrees that we have to fix it, so there are entire components of curriculum aimed at anti-bullying behavior modification.

Bullying is thought to be something that is outgrown in adulthood. It's not. It can be more effectively avoided and dispersed individually, it can be deliberately contained and countered by grown-ups only as long as it's really the grown-ups in charge.

Unfortunately, bullying has taken over. It dominates our playground and we cheer it on. We actively support their controlling of things under the mistaken illusion that they are being fair and honest; despite daily proof that it doesn't work that way.
Thuggery is being mistaken for security and people have willingly surrendered their liberty in exchange. Those who buck or question this surrender are labeled and marginalized as outsiders, malcontents, non-conformists...

There should be no bewilderment over how such behaviors are being inculcated into generations of young Americans. LAW and ORDER!

What began as a fear-driven, thinly disguised euphemism for all of our irrational -isms, has metastasized to our daily activities. It has permeated everything.

And as all of our "get `em young" philosophies have fallen short, we continue to double down on "education" as a viable way to change the future, because we're too scared or lazy to fix it at the source.

Because this has not, nor will ever likely be, identified as the problem, let alone *A* problem at all, it will continue be the law of the land. Bullies and bullying are the NORM and our school kids will learn it as such.

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