Saturday, July 31, 2010

City Room™ - Chicago Matters - The End of the Pipe

City Room™ - Chicago Matters - The End of the Pipe

"The End of the Pipe-
We may have dodged a tornado, but last night's storms left severe damage in their wake. Once the flooding subsides, where will all that standing water go? Millions of gallons of fresh water are flowing under chicago right now. And as our region grows, more and more people want to divert some their way.

As part of Chicago Matters: Growing Forward we bring you the documentary The End of the Pipe, by independent producers Laura Starecheski and Gregory Warner. Come along on the near-epic journey of our water as it moves from Lake Michigan, into the city and beyond to the suburbs.

Along the way you’ll meet some of the people who pump, pipe, and control the future of our water. Part history lesson, part cautionary tale, The End of the Pipe brings us the awesome history and uncertain future of greater Chicago’s water supply."

I'm not late to this party. I've been a DF hippie a long time. As such, what I say has not mattered in the least. Even when I've been proven correct over time, the requirement that a mistake be admitted makes it my fault. I've come to expect no less.

From DFH to NIMBY to CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) and the rest of the pejoratives, I wear them proudly. I have no real control over what's done with my tax dollars, but I've consistently tried to express MY priorities. They always end up dismissed. The results, rather than speaking to backasswards approach, have been my fault too.

Somebody, someday will write yet another book about the opportunities missed by shunned, blindsided or assassinated dreamers....

There's a good chance it'll be their own damn fault.

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