Monday, July 5, 2010

Untethered and Unhinged -OR- Dumbshit Delusionary Bi-polarism

I cannot speak coherently to the present clusterphuckery playing out. In the "If:Then" reality driving the 21st Century (so far) sturm und drang there are no islands where sanity and reason can gain footing or traction. So it is wasteful to speak of a world in which our deployed military personnel and equipment aren't occupied, neck deep, in intransigent, no option, stalemates. At least not so long as the massive sucking effects of this ongoing folly that are cascading through absolutely. every. other. aspect. of existence everywhere, is NOT part of the discussions.

Certainly not when there is no end game. No exit strategy. Nothing that contains a future not fully and elimination-ally militaristic. How disingenuous can things get?
By any objective standard, our present is EXACTLY what was warned as the outcome of Reaganomics. When Saint Ronnie put the pedal to the metal and kicked his 20-mule team into overdrive, it was certain that the wheels would fall off. But Hooooooooiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a phookin' RIDE! The neo-cons mastubatory circle jerk, logically, should have been over before it began. No country can devote 110% of its revenue on war toys that should never be used. You can't defy physics and history and reality without cost or consequence. So why, oh why, is there such shock and surprise that the wheels flew off?

And why and how can this be blamed on everything except its direct causation? You broke it. You bought it. Your ways and means suck. Put your fucking hands in your fucking pockets and shut up. Don't say anything or touch anything! At least until we're back on terra firma and even then, don't lecture ANYONE on what should be done.

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