Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not Teddy's "Bully" -OR- Dewey, Screwum & Howe

I've periodically referred to Opposite World in my missives here. The codification of its usual and customary practices, constantly and consistently reinforced legislatively, and projected as NORMAL, naturally result in less than optimal outcomes. The sideshows that shouldn't matter are all that matters. The template never changes. Reality is ignored, dismissed or twisted to purpose.

Top to bottom, side to side, it churns out unadulterated, untreated, unfettered, toxin laden feces. And that's not even the maddening part. It has gone on this way for so long that it's now NORMAL. Worse: Breaking from the norm is prohibited.

It's all catch phrases and misdirections. and contradictions. and contraindications and compounding clusterfuckery. Slopped together without purpose or form, held together with fear and loathing...

From a fringe perspective; it was all good fun and endless hours of giggly snark, until the fallout began settling on the landscape. That's partly why the spill in the gulf is just about the most apt metaphor for life in Opposite World ever.

A confluence of clusterfuckery waiting to happen. Drilling a mile deep under churning, often malevolent, weather patterns with a primary directive of profitability using land based technologies adapted for underwater use (with space-age technologies used only to guide the pick-ax to the vein)? What could go wrong? Well, EVERYTHING, but the payoff deemed worth it, because should the inevitable happen, all of the people and equipment can be written off, moved to the next site and incentivized to find the next profit center. The precedents are strong that BP will make far more than they lose. Their losses transferred, absorbed and/or passed on. One tenuous tap beneath the gulf will become two. BP's capacity to tap the huge oil field DOUBLED, while their legal and political illusionists limit and cap their liability. Is there any doubt that if BP was going to be negatively affected that they won't disappear in a puff of corporate shuffleboard? If you harbor such doubts, what platform do you have for your misgivings?

Why are there daily events, news, announcements, edicts... that send elements of our society off the deep end? Why do a patch-work bloc seemingly lose their minds with every utterance? Well, that's just the nature of behaviors in Opposite World that prevents meaningful examination or discussion. The underlying motivations for the proxy-wielding interests, sow the discord, reap the outrage. They harness the anger and confusion their policy rewrites have wrought, but to what long-term end?

Aside from arrogance and untethered malignancies, what lasting, sustainable work is being done to propel a better future?

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