Monday, May 31, 2010

Struck Down; Held UP.

On Friday, members of an Illinois National Guard unit stopped by a small grade school and delivered on a promise to a fallen soldier's little sister. There is much more to the story... The Governor showed up. Speeches were made. Awards were handed out. Military vehicles and equipment were arrayed on the playground for kids to see, touch and explore. But the day's mission was a very simple one. Before leaving for Afghanistan back in 2008, soldier Josh told his sister that he would go to school with her and talk to her classmates about duty, honor and country on Memorial Day 2009. An IED on an IED and bomb pitted road in Eastern Afghanistan killed soldier Josh in September of 2008.

On Friday, Josh's two families gathered to celebrate and remember. Little sister lost her brother and 40 guys stepped up to help her fill the hole. For Duty and Honor, it just doesn't come any bigger than that.

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