Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Truly Are What We Eat -OR- More Shit For EVERYONE!

In the grand scheme...

For make no mistake it is a scheme.

You are entitled only to pays your money, spectate and STFU. Actual decisions are above your pay grade. Information is NEED TO KNOW only. What is determined to be your need and who makes such determination is also above your pay grade.

The workings of gummint are too complex and intricate for you to grasp. There are schools to explain it, but again, the gatekeepers determine who gets in and who's told to pursue other interests, like staying the fuck out of it.

Public meetings are not FOR the public. The agenda packet is provided as a courtesy.
If you have a specific question or concern, you must fill out the proper form, speak before the fact and not expect answers or a response. NEXT...

FOIA the information you seek. We will determine if your request is proper. Be specific. Use our approved nomenclature and terminology. Since it will be our lawyers who advise our decision, it would be best if you have your lawyer draw up your request. Better yet, have your lawyer call our lawyer. No need for pesky paperwork and records.

Have a nice day.

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