Monday, April 5, 2010

Cross Words -OR- Fuggit

I usually do the L.A. Times daily online crossword in under 15 minutes.

That leaves a lot of time to contemplate the reactor that is still in meltdown mode.
If you haven't figured it out yet. It's still a money trick. This is where conservatives have concentrated their forces. To preserve and protect the manifest destiny, of the wealthy, for the wealthy, in exchange for admission into the club.

Their hue and cry over absolutely everything is simply cover for the looting and pillaging that continues unchecked. Follow the money.

Their mission is largely accomplished. They have transformed the economy into a conduit by and for the wealthy. Any money you believe you have pooled is invested in
their reservoirs. With the flip of a switch they can manipulate your fear receptors to excite or calm your natural misgivings and worries about life, liberty et al.

Dance to their tune. It's the only music that's playing to the masses.

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