Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4th Day -OR- DSTPS

Don't sweat the petty stuff.

Sadly, these days due to the ubiquitous pervasive pettiness; oddly branded as PARTISANSHIP... all we see and hear about is teh petty stuff.

As I hear and watch the "news", I filter; What does this mean? How does this HELP?
I find if I try to grok it, I'm more retarded after each and every encounter.

As much as I appreciate good snark and the rightLEFTeous outrage of
the progressive-ish blogging realm, I'm struck more each day by the been there; done that futility that more serves the asshats, dittoheads and replicants than any reasonable sorts. The Colosseum floor is waist-deep-wall-to-wall dung. Who in their right mind would willingly wade in?

Happy Fucking Easter Everybody.

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