Monday, March 15, 2010

I Swear It Was On Fire When I Laid Down On It -OR- Lies We Tell Ourselves

As usual, the nation is wearing its inbred ignorance proudly. Whether in painful to read screeds, rants and bloviations that insult and assault the eyes and mindwith spelling, grammar, syntax *...or the snarky apparel and R-drug paraphernalia they display, their reborn every freakin' day untethered view of time and relative dimensions in space in which nothing wrong or bad happened between 1/20/1980 and 1/20/2009 that contributed, IN ANY WAY, to the current situations.
*(not for the content, which is wrong and offensive on a whole other spectrum of disturbed)


I'm reminded once again that both Nixon and the Shrub's second term victories were LANDSLIDES. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone over the age of 56 who
brags about voting for Nixon in 1972. And yes you read that right. 1972's crop of virgin voters are 56 years old now. That also means that the "silent majority" of 1972 is mostly eternally silent now. Unfortunately their DFH hatred -that dovetailed so nicely with their "law and order" Bull Connor/Barney Fife obliviousness to actual societal realities- did not die with them. It's been passed on to a whole new class of cretins steeped deep in the mythologies of heroes and villains without need for historical reference or accuracy.

Any painful lessons that might have been earned in the passage have been so meticulously slathered with layer upon layer of unadulterated bullshit that nothing can adequately pierce the crust to reveal the once shiny future foreseen as inescapable. This is after all their RIGHTFUL litter box and, in their 180° tangent from reality, their choice to cover any and all trace of responsibility for anything. Dooming us all to the horseshit infused future they've consistently used to justify their manifest destiny.

Yeehaw boyz, were it prodly! (sic)

Don't mind the factual tide of history or the unproxied POV that asks simply:


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I like the t-shirt. May have too look for one.

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Darn. It posted twice... but I still agree with what I said! ; )