Monday, December 7, 2009

Something You Can Do -OR- Buck Banging

The 3/50 Project
Mom and Pop Want YOU! They were always there for us. It's only right that we be there for them now.

Thinking globally; acting locally is PART of our way out of this clusterfuck. We need to find the natural symbiosis that's been slowly stripped from our identity. The only scoreboard that should matter isn't a Jumbotron or the NYSE. It's the one we see as we put our head on the pillow each night. That we did OUR best, that's all we can do.

Some of our transgressions are unavoidable, for now, because our proxy is being wielded against our interests. That's very sad, and daunting, but it it NOT the most powerful force, unless we don't actively, consciously take charge of the countless things we still control. Every time we pass by the big box retailers and corporate chains to patronize local businesses, we take a step forward. Toward regaining more control over our fate. Every dollar not spent that can influence the process under which we all must live improves our odds. We have to start surrendering the illusion of convenience for the quality of service our lives deserve.

Money is tight so it's even more important to make sure your dollar buys you more not just today, but compounding into the future. Your local retailers are the best vehicle you have to make that happen. Every dollar you think you save by shopping the big box chains is actually draining a quarter from your local economy. Away from the things that make your community a great place to live. Never to return.

This 3 stores/$50 approach is a good start. It won't require huge sacrifice for the dividends to start piling up. You'll see enhancement, stability and growth replace the nomadic tendencies we've been conditioned to perform. We can settle down, dig in and start enjoying the important things in life. Your pillow will feel softer, more welcoming when you rest for tomorrow's battles.

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