Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2-4 2sDay On a Clear Day a FZ Primer

Cosmic Muffins, Baby Snakes, Dynamo Hums?
From the sublime to the patently ridiculous, Zappa covered it all.
Finding shorter Zappa works tends toward the latter.
Delving into the longer works is always hit or miss.
If it don't hit ya. Ya missed it.

Parody? Hard on the ear? Stick with it for the punchline. Please.

FZ expected something from the audience he attracted. A level of awareness and thinking which MOST of the crowd could not attain. They were there for the naughty bits and the "experience". Trippin' a Zappa concert at the Kinetic Playground or Aragon Ballroom? Not exactly higher level thinking. Then again, they weren't seeing the same concerts that I did. In the end, both audiences got a show.

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mikeb302000 said...

That second video was well worth watching to the end for the punchline.