Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome da New Blogmeister -OR- Dawggggggggggggg!

Farbeit from me to slam a fellow blogger. We live in such a target rich environment that fellow bloggers are hardly a high priority. Out here on the fringe we hold a somewhat different perspective on stuff. All of our good stuff is available to anyone who wants it. WYSIWYG. Steal it, modify it, bling it out to your hearts content. Make it yours.

The first one can be the hardest. You're trying to set a tone. You want to find your voice. After 533 posts you might still be looking. Don't try to force it. Stick to what you know.

So with this in mind, please show some to the new blogger. The HMFIC of the new hip thang. It's not your daddy's G.O.P. Bringin' it! Keeping it real. And axing the questions what need axing.

Chairman Mikey!
"My first blog entry, therefore, is really a couple of questions for you. Use the comment button to send me replies and we will run as many questions as we can. I’ll be responding personally to each one.

Why are you a Republican? Think about that for a minute!!! "
(emphasis added)


Just WOW!

Dude, you are off the hook! I've been askin' that same question for 30 fucking years!
Now you come along and WHAM!, pwn the fuckin' question!
You are a true magician.

I'm sure "the base" is just gonna love your blog. Stay strong.

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