Thursday, October 1, 2009

Please tell the man I didn't kill anyone -OR- Illegal Smiles

(H/T FB quiz "Which Messed Up CareBear are you?

Confession Day. I am not a stoner DFH. Despite two misdemeanor arrests for "possession" of Demon Weed, both came long after I had "quit". By quit, I mean that pot wasn't attractive to me. I like a beer every now and then. Sure I could have developed a serious relationship with artificial inspirations, but overall just prefer the measured approach, 12 ounces at a time.

My "arrests" were situational ehtics. I was in proximity, had a foul to give and took the rap. Both were well over 30 years ago and I've been "clean" ever since.

These dings on my otherwise undistinguished criminal record haven't hurt me none. At least nothing I'm aware of. Youthful indiscretions? I suppose. Anarchy? A tinge.
I've been in proximity to a variety of victimless crime. That's where the fun was.

I thought at the time (and still do) that as an evolving species we would have, by now, at least have decriminalized Marijuana. Like others I believed that legalizing, regulating and taxing this cash crop would be the norm.

As father of two twenty-somethings, I still believe in our eventual evolution. But what do I know? Lying, cheating and stealing. Outright rat-fuckery are still far beneath "possession" on the crime radar. White-collar misdirection indiscretions that continue to diminish societal progression? That's capitalism baby!

Marc Emery?? Really? SEEDS? Really? Locking him up is a high priority?

Todd Snider explains "They don't care WHAT drugs you take; only whose."
Dependency is okay as long as you can find a friendly doctor pusher with license to dispense?

Is my "criminal" record any more or less relevant than someone's pharmaceutical record? I'm willing to bet there are far bigger dopers deciding the fate of DFHs than the other way around. Judges, Lawyers, Cops. Butchers, Cookers and Decision Makers. Who's to say they aren't all hopped up on drugs that would scare most DFHs?

For them battling demons and dealing with addiction is a matter of their pharmacy card and the yellow pages. They network to find what they need. Better living through chemistry. The incongruities are stark and fooling only fools. The Hypocrisy is obvious. To perpetuate it for fear and control? Yessiree! I'm the criminal. You guys got this shit down to a science.

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