Thursday, October 29, 2009

The K.I.S.S. Army -OR- Enough Rope Yet?

The interesting interest in interests is paying compound interest.

A flurry of Health Care amendments are actually bringing the simplicity of Single-Payer back to the table.

That hasn't slowed the industry hacks and whores from trying to catapult their get-rich-quick (as long as you're a well-connected health care "concern") scheme across the finish line.

Bottom Line= Under Single-Payer The line item on my paystub that says INSURANCE, which represents MY "contribution" to the industry's coffers, that is augmented by my employers "contribution" which have increased steadily with a incongruent DECREASE in coverage, would effectively disappear? Replaced by a MUCH LOWER number paid on either an new line item or folded into the Fed. Taxes, FICA, or Soc. Sec. lines?

And the Line that indicates NET PAY would go up? And the bottom line for my employer would improve? And people would not be dying because they fell through the industry laid cracks? For, if you believe the hacks and whores this would be a bad, bad, thing? That this would somehow destroy something other than the stranglehold and the fear-based opportunism of the health care steamroller? Because paying money to a profit-driven third party is GOOD, but paying less money to an actual health care system is SOCIALIST!?

My basic health care requirements would be covered, the insurance companies could compete to provide upgrades and boutique policies to and for the people looking to hedge their healthcare bet? To people who think it's great that health care executives and Boards have gotten rich off of the suffering of the masses while driving those masses away from "their" hospitals, doctors and treatment facilities?

And we masses are unrealistic?

Faced with such evidence, who can claim that we do not live in Opposite World?
This "debate" is a portal back to sanity. Back to reality. Back to what the flag of the UNITED States is supposed to be all about.

If you can pry your congresscritter away from the corporate teat, you can tell him to stop the madness. This really is a domino proposition. When this health care domino finally falls the way it should, other opposite world initiatives will have no public OPTION except to fall as well.

Thirty years of rope should be plenty to hang this turd once and for all.

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