Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And It's 1-2-3 What Are We Fighting For? -OR- Still Being BUSHwhacked

Since the decision on what to do in Afghanistan is still being made, I would like to introduce a wild card.

Bring `em HOME. Not in dribs and drabs nor leaving behind a based contingency contingent, ALL of them. With all the speed faciltated by our land, air and sea-based conveyances. An exercise worthy of Houdini himself. There is enough desolate real estate that the initial phase could be just a short hump. A shock and awe BUG-OUT with flank protections.

The only effective force to deal with the mobility of our present enemy are an equally mobile strike force that can be there and nowhere at the same time. Leave nothing behind that can be militarized.

Instead of playing this endless, silly, deadly game of hide & seek, just withdraw.
We have the tools and technology to prosecute the "evil doers" without sustaining never sufficient, bases, outposts and divisions in the region. Not having to sort out friend from foe would make identification of FOE much easier. It would also remove their need to hide in their caves.

Fighting an unconventional enemy with conventional thinking all but assures a protracted and deadly quagmire. It makes zero sense for the US armed forces to mimic
Cornwallis. This isn't surrender, this isn't admitting defeat. We still know who the bad guys are (or I sincerely hope we do), how they operate, how they configure for their operations and they know where we are. Removing this last bit would change the game. An enemy that doesn't know where we are or what we're doing? Sounds like a tactical advantage for the good guys.

There you have it, now tear it to pieces. Careful though, I've tried to rip it apart and while I admit it's not perfection, it's a damn sight better than our current "plan".

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