Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Knows What Evil Lurks...? -OR- Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say.

It has been 33 years since a relatively unknown Governor/Peanut-Farmer who ascended to the presidency admitted to lustful thoughts. Reaction to this revelation by an "overwhelming portion" of his detractors was swift and sure.

It has been 30 years since the same man, speaking as Head of State, Commander-in-Chief and de facto leader of the Free World spoke honestly about our "crisis of confidence". (To which a B-Actor responded "Confidence? I can fake that!" and ascended to the presidency himself.)

At various times during the intervening years, when not dutifully walking his talk, James Earl Carter has spoken and written his thoughts on the past, present and future from the singular perspective of being Jimmy Carter. He has lent his insights (and hammer) to causes close to his lustful heart with generosity, relative ease and without a great deal of fanfare, to the point that even his detractors willingly admit that he has been our most productive ex-president.

In case you're still wondering, I have nothing but admiration for President Carter. His words often cause discomfort among an otherwise too comfortable population.
He speaks to me when he speaks of Peace, of Equality, of Fairness, of Challenge, of Honor and of Race.

I don't often parse his words mining for deeper meanings. I accept them, gratefully, as HIS considered viewpoint processed through his education and experience. When others go RICSAS over something he's said or written, when they dissect each syllable and project their own interpretations upon them, I hope he smiles that way he does and moves on as he always has.

When he points out the elephant in the room. He is being honest, blunt and HELPFUL.
He is continuing a necessary discourse, be it mid-east related or our own inexplicable blind spots.

The extent to which outrage persists over his verbal and/or written statements is indicative of his accuracy in target selection. Today is no different except for the media's need to gnaw and chew anything it can in order to showcase its rolodex of oafs, buffoons and gainsayers.

So once again... Thank You President Carter.


Mark P. said...

There is a well-known saying down around where Jimmy Carter comes from - the hit dog howls.

Nancy said...

Jimmy Carter was a good--not a great--president. He is, however, a great person. He lives his convictions. A thoroughly decent person who walks the talk.

I am honored to have attended a lecture he gave. I am honored that I sent him a personal letter and he sent back a personal reply.

Contrast his post-presidential life with any other past president of the last 150 years, and he comes out as the best.