Friday, September 11, 2009

To Topical or NOT to Topical That Is the Question -OR- How Did I Get Here?

Does the obvious really need saying? I guess a lot of bloggers, columnists, ministers,comedians, pundits and blowholes seem to think so. Since I am technically included in that grouping, I should too? But I have to wonder...

What is my role? What does it matter? Despite the legion of committed and intrepid explainers of stuff, stuff is still phooked up, and judging by the prevailing sentiment, it's still ALL MY FAULT. So is that my role? I am the powerless, fucked-up beebler of words who stirs the drink? Wait, let me let THAT sink in for a glorious moment... Okay, the shudders have subsided.

I need no reminders of this date's place in history. I am truly hesitant to participate in the reindeer games surrounding this observance. Doing so might take away from our collective grieving process; still in progress?

What happened on 9/11? What did it mean? What did it do? When will we ever take a step back and look at the event with any kind of perspective? NEVER! AGAIN? The images will run again. The truth will be covered with another layer of dust, dirt and debris, and we will get back to important matters like rewriting history.

Uh-oh, there's that T word. So this is gonna be one of those truther rants about how the tragedy was carefully orchestrated for political gain. C'mon now, we're talking about people who couldn't orchestrate a jack-in-the-box, let alone mastermind an attack. No, I don't think the government caused 9/11 in that sense. I thought then, and believe more strongly today, that they simply wanted an excuse and failed in the attempt.

Prior to 9/11 what do you think the worst case scenario of "Bin Laden Intent to Attack" was, in the minds of those who read the briefing? What was the worst thing they thought would happen? Something akin to the 1993 attack that dented a couple of supports? On 9/10/2001 we were invincible. Despite the events of 9/11 we remained so.
As horrifying and world-shattering as the day's events would turn out, the attack didn't change our situation. It only pointed out the mistake of underestimation.

We got hit by lightning. We stepped into an open manhole. Our enemy landed the haymaker and we were staggered. Beyond that, our wounds have been one-thousand percent self-inflicted. For eight years we've been crippling ourselves, still blinded by the sucker-punch. PURPOSEFULLY and POINTLESSLY at the same time.

End-timers, end-gamers and greedy, power-hungry opportunistic bastards recognized the gloriousness of their opportunity. Seizing it, they plopped down their three-legged stool and have been milking it ever since. Mass-hysteria and mass-confusion. Anger and distrust. Rage and rampant Nationalism. Hopped up, ramped up and enhanced on 9/11 steroids. Complete with a priceless annual ad campaign to remind of the historically life-altering, course changing, treasury emptying, progress halting, life diminishing, fear provoking, fear choking, mind altering, fact tampering, future imperiling, hope abandoning, nonsensical sense of the world, small-thinking, grand scheming, patriotic duty of every man woman child, moment in time eight years ago when literally and figuratively it all came tumbling down.

And Osama bin Laden? Mission Accomplished?
Afghanistan? Where armies go to die?
Iraq? Ouch... exactly the outcome known from day one?
The Peace dividend? Dream on.

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