Monday, September 14, 2009

Hours and Hours of Yours, Mine and OURS! -OR- Oh No, No! That is not for you.

How do they get away with it? Most of the US population is like Navin Johnson?

It's pretty fucking simple. Like a fucking beer run. You put money in the hat, the run is made, the beer comes back, the party carries on. We've been making beer runs for a very long time and we understand the basics of beer runs. Never give the beer money to the guy you know won't come back with the beer. Avoid the guy who leaves with enough money for a keg and comes back with a six-pack. Whenever possible, hold collateral that will ensure an equitable transaction.

Get what you pay for.

Of course the best way to avoid beer run disasters is to have enough beer in the first place. When guests are spilling more than they are drinking, CUT THEM OFF.
(Unless, of course, they're willing to give generously for the privilege of spillage.) Our national kegger, already in progress, has been a hellacious, bodacious party spanning almost three centuries.

Now isn't the time to let the people who've been trashing the festivities and hogging the tapper to declare it a floater for anyone not on THEIR special list.
We've all paid, one way or another, to be part of the party. We ain't leavin' until we've gotten our money's worth. No more of this bottom of the barrel swill either.
We want the same giddy juice you guys have been swillin'.

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